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In our work we are guided by certain fundamental principles. They are our starting positions - true and indisputable.

Professionalism and competence at the heart of our service quality.
Experience and knowledge of our specialists are our confidence in the quality of our services. Each task is treated individually. We follow recognized moral and ethical values ​​of the business and focus on international standards. This is the key to our dynamic development and effective implementation of projects of any level of complexity in Russia and abroad.

Our professionalism and expertise allow us to build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and meet expectations of each of our clients.

Efficiency - an important performance indicator.

Proper use of available resources, high organization of activity, boldness in decision-making, the absolute involvement of our experts in projects and in-depth understanding of the client's interests allow us to efficiently solve any problems and to respond promptly to all requests of our grantors.  

Moreover, thanks to the advanced international experience and close relationship with partners, we save time, effort and money of our customers anywhere in the world.

Sense of responsibility and openness to dialogue - components of success.
We are able to defend our point of view, with the force of law and ethics being our main arguments. We believe that our courage to take responsibility before the clients and independence in action are the basis of our professional reputation.

Honesty, vigor and objectivity – these are constituents of our good name. At the same time, our openness to dialogue and focus on partnership allows us to quickly achieve tangible results, act for the future and continuously strengthen our professional positions.

10 reasons to collaborate

1. Leading positions. Extensive practical experience, high professionalism, active position, ambition, focus on success and absolute willingness of our team to go to the finish.

2. Individual approach. In the relationship with our customers, we do not accept templates and in each case we are acting on the basis of the specific situation, always offering the most effective solution.

3. Turnkey solutions. We provide a wide range of legal and consulting services, rendering comprehensive support for legal protection, transfer and enforcement of intellectual property on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as through partner companies in the CIS countries, the United States, Europe and Asia and abroad. We have extensive experience in consulting, analytical and information support of the federal legislative and executive authorities of the Russian Federation. Regardless of the scale of the problem, we analyze it in detail, which allows us to offer efficient and flexible turnkey solutions. 

4. Relevance. We know the Russian legal realities and understand the peculiarities of doing business in Russia. We monitor market trends, keep abreast of all developments in the social, political, economic and legal spheres, because we believe - it is necessary to work effectively not only in the current environment, but for the future as well.

5. Wide geography of services. We have a developed network of foreign partner companies of patent attorneys from the United States, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

6. Adherence to principles. We strictly adhere to internationally recognized moral and ethical norms and professional standards, respect for each letter of the law, and we value our reputation that we have gained through conscientious attitude to work and customer.  

7. Transparency. Our clients always receive satisfactory answers to their questions, have full access to the necessary information and can follow the progress of the case at any stage.

8. Stability. Consistently high quality of service, unwavering beliefs of our staff and fundamental principles allow us to form a stable perception of the company's image and lay a solid foundation for long-term relationships.  

9. Reasonable balance. Professionalism and effectiveness, openness and wide geography of services, individual approach and flexible solutions, high quality and reasonable price policy. Holding this equilibrium, we follow the laws of logic and fair competition.  

10. High status. To cooperate with a company that is focused on global standards and gained the support of international partners is not only profitable, but also prestigious. This alliance will not only justify your expectations, but also have a positive impact on the image of your company.